Customer Handling Best Practices

Rules To Follow For Effective Customer Service

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Many factors can contribute to the success of your business, one of which is customer service. As such, it is essential for everyone on your team to know how to provide highly satisfying assistance or support to your existing clients as well as potential customers. “As consumers, we are far more likely to buy a service instead of a physical product on a daily basis,” shares Utpal Dholakia Ph.D. Fortunately, the skills necessary for being excellent in customer service can easily be acquired through continuous training classes or seminars.


The concepts for customer service are difficult to understand. This is one of the reasons why some firms fail in their operations in the market. Take note that no matter how fantastic your products are, people will not buy anything from you if they are not comfortable with the level of customer care and service that you provide to them. Here are the essential rules to follow:

Rule No.1: Always Answer The Phone

Even if you are still a start-up business, it is essential for you to designate a particular person whose only job is to answer calls. Take note that many people will be calling your number. Most of these individuals are busy with their daily lives. As such, you must take their calls or messages as soon as possible. Failure to do this can make them feel that you do not care about their concerns. It can affect your business. If you have a limited budget for hiring someone who will take the calls, the ideal thing to do is to subscribe to companies that offer virtual receptionists.


Rule No. 2: Find Time To Listen

Always remember that people can sense it if you are not listening to their concerns or questions. Once they notice that your mind is not into the conversation that you are having, then there is a high tendency that they will point out such rudeness to you. At the same time, it can also result in losing them as a client. Time and time again, business owners like you must make an effort to let the customers feel that they are valued. “Try your best to avoid dwelling on concepts like fairness and stick to the facts,” says Kit Yarrow Ph.D.


Rule No. 3: Avoid Keeping Promises

It can be tempting to promise a solution to the problem, issue or question raised by the customers. You may end up promising something that is beyond your control or your means. When this happens, your customers would feel unhappier the moment you fail to live up to what you have promised them. As an alternative, try to make your all your clients understand that you want to serve their needs. However, do not hesitate to inform them that there are certain limitations to the assistance that you can provide. Set their expectations right to avoid disappointing them.


Rule No. 4: Train Your Team

This is where you need to exert efforts in educating your staff about the different strategies and techniques in becoming an excellent customer service representative. Take note that the training must be conducted on a regular basis so that everyone in your firm will be reminded of the adverse effects the moment the clients feel that they are not taken care of. Look for a professional expert who can talk about body language, etiquette, proper decorum, and other essential topics during the classes and seminars.


As a new player in the industry, it is essential on your part to follow the above-mentioned rules. If you want to keep your business last long, the secret is continuously increasing customer satisfaction. It may be costly and complicated to achieve, but everything will be worth it. Keep in mind that happy customers mean an increase in sales for your business. “Respect should be the cornerstone of customer service,” as stated by Guy Winch Ph.D. As such, observe these rules at all times.

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