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    The Best Sennheiser Headphones (For Any Budget)

    Sennheiser is one of the household names when it comes to premium audio accessories. The German company has come a long way since its establishment in 1945, and has, over the past 70 years, distinguished itself as quality brand with a dedication to the best audio quality and excellent value speakers, headphones, and more. Nowadays, the Sennheiser brand name is synonymous with high-fidelity audio and products that cater to the varying tastes and budgets of audiophiles around the world.

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    Best Low Light Cameras for Different Scenarios

    Low light cameras serve a very niche market by providing everyone from amateurs, to budding photographers, to photography veterans, with the tools and equipment necessary to take great pictures in low-light conditions. While, to the untrained, the challenge of low light photography is easily remedied by flashes of light, even the most novice of photography enthusiasts know that it takes specialized equipment to pull off this kind of endeavor. So much so that the biggest names in photography, from Nikon to Canon, to Sony, and Panasonic, each have specific low-light camera offerings available to the market.

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    Best Gaming Desktop Under $1000 For 2018 & Beyond

    Gaming is a favorite pastime in which almost everyone indulges. From casual mobile games, to immersive console titles, to PC games that push the envelope on what modern technology can accomplish in the way of entertainment and content, there are games out there for every kind of gamer. Whether you’re a professional looking to relieve stress, a student looking to kill time, or a serious video game player with professional aspirations, there are titles, consoles, and systems abound to cater to your gaming needs.

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    Which Is The Best GTX 1060 Of 2018 & Beyond 

    Visuals are a major part of the human experience – we like to see things, people, and places, we like to pick out colors and take pictures, videos, and more. From digital art to video games, the visual experience is moving more and more towards computerized technology. It’s hard to imagine that only decades ago, computer screens could only display simple text on solid black or white backgrounds, and the only way to draw pictures back then was using a series of symbols and characters to draw visual representations of lines and shapes. Today, we can experience true-to-life colors and high-resolution images, we can watch movies and videos, and play…

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    Which Is The Best GTX 1070? 

    High-performance tasks call for high-powered components and with the great leaps made by modern technology in the way of raw computing power and speed, there’s very little that we can’t do with the computers of today. When people talk about high-performance systems – powerful workstations built for super-productive professional use and scientific computers designed to make rapid calculations to solve complex problems – it’s always been up to the latest and greatest processors to deliver the performance needed. While most systems can get the job done with the latest CPUs and just integrated graphics, the consumers of today’s world which demand graphics, visual representation, and video content, call for more powerful dedicated graphics processors…

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    The Best Ultrawide Monitor (For Any Budget)

    There are monitors aplenty available on the market today that caters to just about every need. From super-fast displays for competitive gamers to high-resolution technological marvels for content connoisseurs, to professional-class workstation displays with all the ergonomics for top-tier comfort and productivity, there’s a monitor out there for everyone’s needs and budget. 

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    The Best 1080 Ti Of 2018 & Beyond 

    2016 marked a revolution in the computing and graphics industry when Nvidia, who at that time was already the best and biggest brain in graphics processing technology, unveiled the latest and greatest line of commercial graphics processors ever built. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 10 Series is the company’s 10th generation of GPUs, and with the groundbreaking Nvidia Pascal architecture on which these new graphics cards were built, industries around the world all of sudden had access to graphics power and performance that was at that time almost unheard of. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 was the flagship of the GTX 10 Series, outperforming previous generations by landslide differences in power and capability.…

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    Best Bridge Camera for Budding Photographers 

    Photography is an excellent hobby and profession that lets people capture moments in time that can be remembered for lifetimes and even generations after. From documenting essential events like weddings and celebrations, to creating modern photojournalism for news and current affairs, to merely capturing and immortalizing everyday activities, photography is something that finds use in every aspect of our lives. That is why almost all of the devices that people use today – from laptops to tablets to mobile phones come with a camera that is, more often than not, one of the main criteria people look for when buying these products. 

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    Rating Best Mini ITX Case (For Any Budget)

    Less than a decade ago, people didn’t have a lot of options when it came to computers. For the most part, power and performance were directly proportional to size and weight, so the choice you had to make if you were in the market for a computer was whether you wanted something fast, powerful, and high-performance in a heavy, chunky form factor, or something lighter and more portable, but with barely enough performance and hardly any power to performing heavy processing, let alone gaming. Lucky for us, gamers and non-gamers alike, technology has come such a long way that we can fit powerful computers on the insides of pockets, and…

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    Best Cheap Smartwatch From $40 And Up

    Portability has been coming in in a big way over the past few decades, with computers getting smaller and lighter and easier to carry around. The world has transitioned from 8-tracks to VHS to CDs and now to flash storage capabilities with tiny thumb drives and flash-enabled solid-state drives with no moving parts. Technology’s come a long way, and today’s products are smaller, faster, and better than ever. For example, your music player, video player, camera, phone, and mobile computer are all wrapped into your smartphone.