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So Which Is The Best 17 Inch Laptop Of 2018? 

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Not too long ago, laptops were these big, bulky machines that were expensive to make, and therefore expensive to buy, with significantly less power and performance than their full-sized desktop counterparts. It used to be that laptops were a significant compromise of power and efficiency so you can take your machine with you on-the-go in a dense and chunky form factor and usually even more substantial power supply units that looked and weighed like bricks.  However, we’re well into 2018, and this is no longer the case. This year laptops are some of the leanest, meanest machines ever built, and with the current trend leaning towards ultra-light and super-thin laptops, we can expect portable computers to get leaner and meaner in the years to come.  


The market for laptops today is dominated by 15.6-inch portable powerhouses and 13-inch high-performance, almost pocket-sized machines. The trend for light and portable is obvious in the most popular laptops of 2018, including the latest Dell XPS Series which comes in 15-inch and 13-inch models. Each model features a thin and light design, and the incredible Razer Blade Series of gaming laptops with a standard 15-inch model and a 13-inch Stealth model, each packing serious gaming power in an unprecedented light and thin form factor.   

Sometimes, however, it’s not always about thin and light, and it’s not always about small and portable. True, technology has progressed in such a way that we can fit amazing amounts of power and performance in a small 15-inch chassis, and almost the same in an even smaller 13-inch frame. Technology is incredible and the way it’s going, we’re bound to have portable supercomputers that are so thin we can wear them like sleeves or tattoos, but some people – including us – also like to look at the other end of that spectrum. If we can fit something powerful into something small, what can we get if we can afford to go big? The answer: the best 17-inch laptops of 2018. 

17-inch laptops are a lot less portable than their 15-inch and 13-inch cousins – and for one thing, it’s a lot harder to find a great laptop bag that’ll suit your needs and preferences AND your 17-inch laptop. But 17-inch laptops are bigger – and while it’s not always the case, they can also be so much better. 17-inch laptops cater to a ton of needs. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer unsatisfied with a small screen, a multimedia connoisseur who wants to a big portable screen on which to watch his favorite movies and videos, or a professional working in any industry looking for a powerful laptop with a big enough screen to effortlessly accommodate your multitasking and productivity requirements. 

If you’re in the market for the best 17-inch laptop of 2018, then we came up with this list just for you. We evaluated the most popular and highest rated laptops to come up with this list of what we thought were the best of the best. These 17-inch laptops are an amazing value, and we have options available to suit any budget. 

What to Look For 

Buying a 17-inch laptop isn’t that much different from buying any other kind of laptop – you still have to look out for the same things. When considering 17-inch laptops, power and performance come first, but a great display and good battery life are also something you want to take into account because your laptop is going to be bigger than 15.6″ laptops in almost every aspect. We put a premium on size and portability, so laptops who manage to stay lightweight and portable despite featuring a 17-inch display get bonus points. Here’s what we considered when coming up with this list of the best 17-inch laptops of 2018: 



You’ve probably heard the adage “It is what is inside that count,” and while not a lot of people agree on that, we’ve concluded that it rings true when you’re talking about the best 17-inch laptops. The most important part to any device, any gadget, especially when it comes to personal computers and laptops is what’s inside. A laptop’s internals refers to the components that give it power, precision, and performance. The best laptops you’re going to see will have multi-core processors, like the latest generation Intel and AMD processors, lots of RAM, fast storage, and, for the high-performance gaming, visuals, and content creation, a powerful dedicated graphics processor along the lines of the Nvidia GTX 10 series or the latest line from Radeon. The internals are the inner clockwork that decides how fast, how smooth, how powerful (and also how hot) your laptop is going to be running, so it’s important to look inside, not just outside when you’re in the market for the best 17-inch laptop of 2018. 


With all of the great and viable 15-inch and 13-inch options available on the market, you’re probably here browsing this list, looking for the best 17-inch laptop available, because you’re interested in one thing that all those other laptops fail to deliver: a big display. Indeed, when you’re in the market for a 17-inch laptop, the display is everything. Well, almost everything. You don’t want to invest in a 17-inch laptop only to find out that the display is weak, not bright enough, or lacking in detail or clarity. You want a 17-inch screen because you want to see more, and you want to see it better on a bigger, brighter display that only a 17-inch screen can provide. The best 17-inch laptops of 2018 come with great displays – from full HD 1080p to amazing 4K displays for unprecedented resolution and clarity. We’ve evaluated the best 17-inch laptops to make sure that this list mentions the best of the best, with the best of the best displays, too, while we were at it. 

Battery Life 

Battery life is a premium on smaller devices – you can imagine how hard it is to fit a quality power supply unit in a small 13-inch case. With larger 17-inch laptops, you might expect the battery life to be infinitely better than smaller form-factor computers, but that’s not always the case. More space to work within a 17-inch laptop may mean better battery, but it also means the possibility of better, faster, and higher-powered components that deliver better, faster, and higher-powered performance. On a 17-inch laptop, you’re definitely getting better and bigger batteries, but in this list of the best 17-inch laptops with all of their high-powered glory, don’t expect to see amazing battery life, but look forward to knowing that 17-inch batteries are bigger and better than the rest. 


A top consideration for anyone in the market for anything is budget – and it is doubly important when looking to invest a considerable sum of money in a laptop computer that will serve not just as a workhorse but as a partner through everything from video games to favorite movies to storing all of you photos and videos, too. No matter what you buy a 17-inch laptop for, you’re going to want to get the best value for your cash, and be confident knowing that you got more than what you paid for, not less. This list of the best 17-inch laptops of 2018 incorporates budget, value, and best-bang-for-buck evaluations to bring the best 17-inch laptop buys of 2018. 


Our Top Picks for the Best 17 Inch Laptop of 2018 

Here are the 17-inch laptops that performed the best in their categories, and deserve recognition for outdoing their predecessors and the current competition, based on our in-depth evaluation of each. So, without further ado, here are the best 17-inch laptops of 2018. 

Overall Best: HP Omen 17 

The HP Omen 17 bags our top spot for the best 17-inch laptop of 2018. Featuring excellent components to deliver unprecedented laptop performance for games, work, or media consumption, and single panel access to both the HDD and SDD drive bays as well as RAM for premium modularity and future-proofed upgradability, the Omen 17 is the best 17-inch laptop you can buy. 


The Good 

Last year, the HP Omen was already one of the best laptops available, but with its 2018 refresh to outfit the laptop with the latest and greatest components and an interior plus exterior redesign to make it a better machine overall, the 17 inch model of the HP Omen blows away the competition. HP didn’t use to have as stellar a reputation for being a quality manufacturer, but in recent years it has worked its way up to compete with the best the best, and the HP Omen 17 adds to their credibility as a great performance and high-quality laptop brand. 

The HP Omen features impeccable performance and high-speed operations with the latest 8th generation Intel Core processors, up to the Intel Core i7. The latest in Intel processor technology is built on the Coffee Lake architecture, featuring significantly increased performance over last year’s 7th generation processors. The HP Omen also comes with an option for PCIe SSD storage, featuring 17x faster data performance for high-speed boot times and loading times on your favorite games or most-used programs and applications. With up to 32B high-bandwidth RAM, the HP Omen 17 is one of the most capable laptops available on the market, allowing users with unprecedented performance and plenty of elbow room to run all of the applications they need all at once. For gamers, content creators, or designers and people who work graphics-intensive programs and applications, the HP Omen 17 can be outfitted with a dedicated GPU up to the VR Ready Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 for incredible graphics performance on a laptop. With a 17-inch display and a lot of screen real-estate paired with the HP Omen 17’s stellar internals, you’ll be able to multitask and perform plenty of concurrent operations with the HP Omen 17. 

The HP Omen 17 isn’t just pretty on the outside; it’s a lean and means high-performance machine no matter how you look at it. The 17.3-inch display on the HP Omen 17 is bright and vibrant, featuring the best-in-class IPS panels for wider viewing and better picture quality. Display-wise, users have a choice of crisp and clear Full HD (1920×1080) Resolution or upgrade to the high-end 4K panel for unparalleled clarity, detail, and overall visual experience. Both panels come with 120Hz refresh rates that allow for smoother visuals no matter what you need it for, but especially for gamers looking for an edge. 

The built-in audio on the HP Omen 17 is excellent, built in partnership with the world-renowned sound system developer, Bang, and Olufsen. The sound quality is top-notch, and with HP Audio Boost, it’s completely immersive and downright engrossing. Audiophile or not, the HP Omen 17’s sound system delivers an excellent sound experience. 

Our absolute favorite thing about the HP Omen 17 is its revolutionary approach to modularity and upgradability, featuring single panel access to the hard drive, the solid-state drive, and the RAM configuration for easy, hassle-free accessibility for upgrades, repairs, modifications, and maintenance. This intelligent design doesn’t just make the HP Omen 17 one of the most advanced laptops of 2018 but also future-proofs it to make it powerful and relevant years down the line. 


Connectivity shouldn’t be a problem on the HP Omen 17 with three high-speed multifunctional USB 3.1 ports, an SD slot, an HDMI port, an Ethernet port, a Mini DisplayPort, a DTS Headphone X enabled audio output jack, an audio input jack, and an optional port featuring the latest Thunderbolt 3 technology. 

The Bad 

The HP Omen 17 is undeniably a gaming laptop. While that doesn’t mean the HP Omen 17 is restricted to gaming – of course, you can use the high-powered components under its hood to get work done, to multitask, to watch movies in high-definition, etc. – the look and feel of the HP Omen 17 are intended for gamers. 

The HP Omen 17 comes with a bright red backlit keyboard, and its sleek, otherwise stealth design is overshadowed by loud red accents and gamer-centric design features. We’re not saying it looks bad –, we kind of like the intense, futuristic gamer vibe that the HP Omen 17 resonates deeply with – but the look isn’t for everyone, and professionals might not want to take it to work or the coffee shop right out of the box. However, the gamer-oriented aesthetic may easily be remedied by purchasing custom skins from third-party vendors (they’re everywhere) that not only allow users to get the aesthetic they want on the laptop they want but also provides quite a bit of extra protection against scratches and sometimes shock absorption. 

For a 17-inch display, we would have loved it if it featured thinner bezels, as the current look with rather thick bezels is getting a little bit outdated. But with the stellar display on the HP Omen 17, we might just be dazzled enough to forget about the bezel entirely. 

The Verdict 

The HP Omen 17 delivers top-of-the-line performance and power, more than enough to let you maximize the massive screen and multitask to your heart’s content. The HP Omen 17 starts at $1,099, but our recommended configuration with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or 1070, better ram, and faster storage is available $1,279 (GTX 1060) or $1,799 (GTX 1070). With excellent internals, great performance, and a price tag that lets it deliver great bang-for-buck value, the HP Omen 17 is our top pick for the best 17-inch laptop of 2018. 


Best for Gaming: Acer Predator 17x / Alienware 17 R4 

17-inch laptops dominate the gaming scene, with larger, brighter displays attracting more and more gamers who just aren’t satisfied to play games on a typical 15-inch screen. There’s plenty of options available for the best 17-inch laptops of 2018 for gaming – our top pick, the HP Omen 17, included – but even in our evaluations, we were unable to decide who deserves the title of the best 17-inch gaming laptop between the Acer Predator 17x and the Alienware 17 R6. In the end, we decided that both were equally deserving of the first place in gaming. The comparison below considers the $1,800 configuration for both the Acer Predator 17x and the Alienware 17 R4 for a fair comparison in the same price range.  


The Good 

Both of these laptops are monster machines and gaming powerhouses, making completely no effort to go for a slim and sleek design and instead, maxing out their attention and dedication towards providing the most powerful 17-inch laptop systems the world has ever seen on the consumer market. The internals on these laptops is roughly the same, plus or minus a few differences. They both run on the latest generation of Intel Core i7 processors, allowing for great performance and multitasking, and the standard high-powered gaming in both competitive titles and AAAs. Both come with the super powerful and VR Ready Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070s for unprecedented gaming performance and visuals that are future-proofed enough to run the most demanding gaming titles for years to come. Both are configured with lots of RAM at 16GB high-frequency DDR4 memory, and dual storage options with SSD and HDD – both with 1TB 7200rpm HDDs, but a little bit more SSD storage on the 256GB SSD on the Acer Predator 17x compared to the Alienware 17’s 128GB SSD. If you’re willing to pay more, however, the Alienware 17 is configurable to have a 256GB or larger SSD as well.  

The Acer Predator 17x and the Alienware 17 R4 both feature stellar 17-inch displays. The Predator 17x comes with a Full HD (1920×1080) resolution IPS panel that features overall better colors and picture quality with wider viewing angles, while the Alienware 17 R4 comes with a Full HD (1920×1080) resolution TN panel – good colors, but not as good as the IPS on the Predator 17x, but with better response time and higher refresh rate for more competitive gaming. The Acer Predator 17x comes outfitted with Nvidia G-Sync technology, featuring better and smoother tear-free visuals, while the Alienware 17 R4 sacrifices G-Sync instead of Nvidia Optimus technology for optimized visuals and extended battery life. It’s important to note that Nvidia G-Sync and Nvidia Optimus are mutually exclusive technologies, meaning you can’t have both activated at the same time. Acer went with G-Sync to deliver smoother visuals, while Alienware went with Optimus for optimized visual performance for more battery efficiency and longer-lasting enjoyment. 

Both of these laptops come with amazing features not present in the other. The Acer Predator 17x comes with a standard Killer Wireless AC 1535, while the Alienware 17 comes with a Killer Wireless AC 1435, a little less than the Acer Predator 17x. The Alienware 17, however, comes with better security features with Windows Hello, and Tobii eye tracking which are both unavailable in the Acer Predator 17x as configured. That said, both of these laptops provide excellent performance for gaming and everything else, and we felt like they both cater extremely well to different needs and purposes of gamers everywhere. 

The build qualities on both of these laptops are superb. They sacrifice thinness and portability to deliver machines that are both built like tanks – very durable, very sturdy – so no matter which machine you choose, you won’t ever have to worry about flimsy parts or sub-optimal quality. Both are pretty future-proofed, featuring easy access to drive bays and other components to accommodate relatively easy upgrading, repair, and maintenance. 

The Bad 

Like we said earlier, neither of these laptops – not the Acer Predator 17x nor the Alienware 17 R4 – seem to want to follow the latest trends in portable gaming laptops that feature super thin everything – from the profile, to weight class, to display bezels. Instead, they focused on delivering powerful components in durable, heavy chassis. 

Granted, they’re still pretty portable, and both Acer and Alienware have come up with great portability solutions for their 17-inch flagship laptops with excellent options for laptop bags and cases to sort of counter the bigger size and heavier weight of their 17-inch laptops, respectively. 

The Alienware 17 does get bonus points for looking a little better – it’s more work-friendly with a sleek battleship gray color and subtler accents that don’t scream “gamer,” but instead whispers it. The Acer Predator 17x is a gaming laptop no matter how you look it, featuring great – if not a little too loud – gamer-centric aesthetics with red and black accents and powerful edges and design shape. The Alienware 17 is a lot more work-place friendly, but if you don’t care about that and are willing to take your gaming laptop anywhere you go, then both the Alienware 17 and the Acer Predator 17x are top choices for the best 17-inch laptop of 2018 for high-performance gaming. 

The Verdict 

At roughly the same price range at $1,800, the Acer Predator 17x and the Alienware 17 are neck and neck in the competition for the best 17-inch gaming laptop of 2018. With the latest and greatest high-performance components in both of these machines, you get unprecedented speed and performance for all your needs – gaming or otherwise. In the end, it all boils down to personal preference, but either way, you choose, the Acer Predator 17x and the Alienware 17 R4 are the best 17-inch gaming laptops out there right now, and each delivers great value for their price tag. 


Best 2-in-1: Dell Inspiron 17 7000 

The Dell Inspiron 17 7000 was one of the best 17-inch laptops when it first came out years ago. With the 2018 refresh, the Inspiron 17 has been revamped and outfitted with the latest components and better, more streamlined design in a powerful and intuitive 2-in-1 form factor. The Dell Inspiron series has performed excellently in delivering great performance and value, and the largest iteration in the series, the Inspiron 17 7000, delivers much of the same quality and value that we have come to appreciate and expect from Dell laptops. 


The Good 

The Dell Inspiron 17 builds upon what makes the Inspiron series so great and refreshes it to be more competitive in the 2018 laptop market. Featuring an excellent 2-in-1 form factor and 360-degree hinge for the most flexibility a laptop can give you, the Dell Inspiron 17 7000 can be used a multitude of ways. Laptop mode lets you use the Dell Inspiron 17 as a powerful machine for work or play, to deliver standard usage on a high-performance device. Switch into tablet mode to make full use of the incredibly responsive 17-inch touchscreen display for more intuitive controls over your work processes, or to unlock your digital creativity with stylus-compatible touch to better accommodate your workflow and design needs, on a larger screen that lets you do more. There’s also Tent Mode for easy viewing and multimedia consumption on even the shallowest available surfaces, and Stand Mode for extra stability and a premium theater-like feel for movie streaming. 

The Dell Inspiron 17 7000 features the top-of-the-line performance from the Inspiron series and is built with the latest 8th generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, which feature substantial performance gains on the Coffee Lake architecture over last year’s Kaby Lake. With up to 16GB of DDR4 RAM and dual storage options with an SSD and HDD, the Inspiron delivers great performance in a two-in-one form factor. The Dell Inspiron 17 7000 is outfitted with one of the best value mobile graphics processors, the Nvidia GeForce MX150, 2GB of GDDR5 VRAM for graphics-intensive operations in work or play. 

The Full HD (1920×1080) display on the Dell Inspiron 17 7000 is a sight to behold, featuring incredibly sharp, clear, and highly-detailed picture quality on the Inspiron 17’s IPS panel, which provides much better color gamut, wider viewing angles, and overall better picture quality in a laptop display than TN or VA panels which are common in laptops in this price range. 

The latest Dell Inspiron 17 7000 features several improvements over its predecessors, including thinner bezels, better thermal cooling systems, and ventilation design, the latest connectivity compatibility with USB-C DisplayPort, and seamless integration with Amazon Alexa. The Dell Inspiron 17 7000 also features a more modern, sophisticated look without compromising the excellent build quality the Inspiron series is known for. 

The best thing about the Dell Inspiron 17 7000, is the excellent price-to-performance ratio. For a 2-in-1 form factor, we find it an incredible value to get a powerful laptop and a convenient, easy-to-use tablet all in one, all for one great price. 

The Bad 

The Dell Inspiron 17 7000 is in no way a ground-breaking or revolutionary device. Instead, the Dell Inspiron 17 7000 sticks to its reliable, tried-and-true approach to 2-in-1 form factor laptops. While this is great, it also means the Dell Inspiron 17 7000 lags a little bit behind the competition. Its display bezels could be narrower still, and for a laptop that’s intended for power and portability in a 2-in-1 form factor, it could be a little lighter, and possibly easier on the eyes. We wouldn’t mind some state of the art features as well, such as better modularity for upgrading, or additional security features, but at this price range, it’s really hard to complain. 

The Verdict 

At around $1000, the Dell Inspiron 17 7000 is an incredible value for a 17-inch 2-in-1 form factor laptop that performs well with top-of-the-line components. It’s the not the best money can buy, but for its price tag, it gives the best value, the best bang for your buck, and deserves our pick for the best 17-inch 2-in-1 laptop of 2018. 


Splurge Pick: Razer Blade Pro 

Razer is well-known in many circles as the highest-end premium gaming brand in the world. The Razer Blade series broke a lot of records when it came out, featuring unprecedentedly thin form factor laptops with impressive power under the hood. This 2018, the Razer Blade Pro is our pick for the best 17-inch laptop money can buy, provided you have the means to go all out and splurge on this expensive machine. 


The Good 

The Razer Blade Pro is a feat of computer engineering, featuring the latest, greatest, and most powerful components available on the market, and fitting them all in one super sleek, super thin, and super light chassis. The Razer Blade Pro is one of the best 17-inch laptops, and unlike the other high-performance gaming laptops on this list, it doesn’t scream gamer. The Razer Blade Pro comes in a sleek, stealthy black that lets users take it with them wherever they go – whether it’s work, school, or the coffee shop for a portable high-performance gaming or work session. 

The Razer Blade Pro is equipped with the latest 8th generation i7 processors for unprecedented speed and performance in all of your computing tasks and operations. Graphics work, gaming, and content creation are possible with the Blade Pro’s high-powered and VR Ready Nvidia GeForce GTX cards. The Blade Pro supports up to the GTX 1080; the perfect GPU with all the power you need to make full use of the Razer Blade Pro’s 4K display option, for impeccable display and unparalleled visual experience for everything from games to movies to better multitasking and workflows. The Razer Blade Pro comes with the best and fastest storage options with up to 2TB high-speed SSD and up to 4TB HDD for additional storage, or get dual 2TB SSD in RAID 0 configuration on the 4K Razer Blade Pro. Either configuration can be outfitted with up to 32GB of high-bandwidth DDR4 memory, so you have all the memory you need for the most demanding applications and AAA titles in gaming, video editing, content creation, music production, or otherwise.   

Audio and Video on the Razer Blade Pro is powered and certified by the best in the industry to deliver amazing audio and visual experience that is the best that money can buy. Full HD 1080p resolution on a 17.3” inch display is a great experience unto itself, but 17.3 inches of glorious 4K resolution is a visual experience that is unparalleled and unlike anything you’ve experienced before, provided you have the graphics power to match. 

The Razer Blade Pro even with its top-of-the-line power and performance that is nigh unbeatable by almost any other system, comes in an unbelievably light and thin chassis to make not just one of the most powerful laptops ever made, but also one of the most portable 17-inch laptops that you can take with you anywhere. 

The Bad 

The Razer Blade Pro is expensive. And we mean expensive. The FHD model with the Nvidia GeForce GTX1060 is the base configuration and is available for $2,299. The FHD option is a pricey option all by itself, but the 4K version with the highest possible performance with the Nvidia GeForce GTX1080 and a 2TB SSD is available at list price of $4,899, almost three times more expensive than anything on this list, and almost five times more expensive than the Dell Inspiron 17 7000. 

Yes, the Razer Blade Pro delivers great power and performance for such a huge price tag, but at this price, users will be able to buy both the Acer Predator 17x and the Alienware 17 R4 and still have enough left over for the HP Omen 17. The price of the Razer Blade Pro is enough to buy three of our top picks for the best 17-inch laptops of 2018, but it is granted that none of them can compete with the Razer Blade Pro’s performance, power, and portability – not to mention the incredible 4K display and Nvidia GeForce GTX1080 top-of-the-line GPU. 

The Verdict 

If you can afford it, and you’re willing to splurge on the best 17-inch laptop system money can buy, then the Razer Blade Pro will not disappoint. With the GTX 1080, the latest i7 Core processors, and up to 32 GB of RAM, the Razer Blade Pro is the best experience on a 17-inch laptop available this 2018. Power, performance, and portability come together in the Razer Blade Pro for an unparalleled, genre-defining laptop, for a price. 


Bonus: Lenovo Legion Y730 17 

It’s not even out yet, but with the September 2018 release date coming up, we here are all so excited to see the Lenovo Legion Y730 17-inch laptop hit the market. 


The Good 

The Lenovo Legion Y730 is a refresh of the Lenovo’s line of gaming laptops, proudly entitled “Legion.” The latest refresh of the Legion series is more than just a rework of the internals; Lenovo redesigned the entire Legion series to offer an incredibly sleek and stealthy aesthetic to their line of gaming laptops. These attractive laptops feature great gaming performance without blowing the whistle on your gaming activities by having a subtler look that makes it ideal to take with you to your office, your college classes, or your favorite coffee shop for a relaxing afternoon of gaming. 

The Y730 comes in a 17.3-inch display option, and comes with all the bells and whistles including the latest i7 processors, up to 16GB of RAM, a stellar FHD display with up to 300 nits of brightness, Dolby-powered Audio for an incredibly immersive surround-sound feel, and much more. 

The Lenovo Legion Y730 comes with customizable per-key RGB lighting, as well as ambient mood lights that are also customizable around the vents. And since we mentioned the vents, the Lenovo Legion Y730 completely reworked the cooling systems to deliver an incredible, low-noise cooling solution with dual intake air vents for the CPU and GPU – a.k.a. your hottest components when performing intense tasks – featuring larger fan blades, and a great design with rear exhaust. Another excellent design change in the Lenovo Legion Y730 is the rear I/O ports, which enables much better cable management and cleaner, crisper look. All of this is available at the Lenovo Legion Y730’s incredible-value price tag of $1,249 for the 17-inch model. 

The Bad 

The only downside we can see to the Lenovo Legion Y730 is that it ships with a single GPU option, and not even a GTX 1060. The Lenovo Legion Y730 comes with a GTX 1050 Ti, which is a great GPU but could be a lot better with the GTX 1060 or 1070. However, rumors are going around that Lenovo recognizes this design fault and plans to release the Legion Y730 with the higher-tier graphics chips later this year. 

The Verdict 

You’ll have to wait for a more in-depth review and evaluation, which we’ll be more than happy (excited, even) to provide as soon as the Legion Y730 is out. Until then, our first look at the Lenovo Legion Y730 is that it’s a classy, high-performance machine with the amazing potential to be one of the best 17-inch laptops of 2018. 

So, there you have it! Our top picks for the best 17-inch laptops of 2018. Whether you’re in the market for a portable powerhouse for gaming, or a high-performance laptop with a big screen to accommodate all of your multitasking needs, we hope we were able to help you decide on the best 17-inch laptop for you. 

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