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The Best Ultrawide Monitor (For Any Budget)

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There are monitors aplenty available on the market today that caters to just about every need. From super-fast displays for competitive gamers to high-resolution technological marvels for content connoisseurs, to professional-class workstation displays with all the ergonomics for top-tier comfort and productivity, there’s a monitor out there for everyone’s needs and budget. 


While the market today is dominated by your typical 16:9 aspect ratio displays which provide maximum compatibility with content and a comfortable display for most tasks and needs, there are others out there who yearn for something more, something bigger. For such consumers, we recommend deviating from the 16:9 standards and opt for an Ultrawide. 

Ultrawide monitors are an acquired taste, but once you start gaming, working, or consuming any media on an ultrawide monitor, you’ll find that it’s hard to go back to your standard 16:9 aspect ratio. It’s a luxury that most people won’t even bother with, but if you’re looking for a more immersive media experience, a more productive workflow, or a super realistic gaming session, standard displays just don’t cut it compared to 21:9 aspect ratio Ultrawide monitors. 

Ultrawides feature a bigger display and a lot more screen real estate. For professionals, that means less window switching and having all of your tools and programs available to you in full-size and on a single screen. For our content above connoisseurs, Ultrawide monitors provide a truly cinematic viewing experience whether you’re watching your favorite TV shows and movies or following your favorite Twitch streamer play your favorite games. And for gamers, Ultrawide monitors offer unprecedented immersion and realism by allowing them to play their favorite titles with a full field of vision.  

If you’re in the market for an ultrawide monitor, then whether you’re a gamer or a professional with money to burn or on a tight budget, we’ve created this list of the best ultrawide monitors for any need and any budget for you. We’ve included in the curated list the best of the best ultrawide monitors based on our reviews and evaluations and identified the best performers for various budget ranges and use-cases. We were able to identify the best high-end, mid-range, and budget options for both gamers and professionals, so whether it’s for your workstation or your battle station, we’re confident that we have something for you. 

What to Look For 

Before we start counting down our list of the best of the best ultrawide monitors for any budget, we would like to share with you the factors we considered in determining what makes these monitors the best of the best. As any buyer would, you’d probably want to make sure that the monitor you decide on is the one that caters to all of your needs, so to avoid the dreaded buyer’s remorse, it’s important to know what to look for in an ultrawide monitor. 



The main benefit of an ultrawide monitor over standard aspect ratio displays is that it provides more screen real estate that programs, applications, and games can fully utilize. But that doesn’t mean that all ultrawide monitors are made in the same shape and size. Aiming to cater to a wide range of needs and preferences, we included in this list comfortable 29-inch displays, more flexible 35-inch displays, and up to monster 38-inch displays for the avid consumer. 


Resolution talks about how many pixels there are on your screen, and this is significant because on a larger ultrawide monitor, standard resolutions may display a blurry or not-as-crisp picture. For larger monitors, we recommend at least Ultrawide QHD resolution at 1440p, but we also can’t deny the superb quality on smaller and more budget-friendly ultrawide monitors that come in Full HD at 1080p. The bottom line is when it comes to resolution; it’s important to scale with the size of the screen. 


Refresh Rate 

The refresh rate is the specification that determines how many times in a second does the display refresh or change the image. A 60 Hz monitor should be enough for most needs, dishing out as much as 60 frames per second, but for gamers who want a competitive edge or anyone willing to pay a premium for smoother visuals, some ultrawide monitors come with higher refresh rates up to 100 Hz, or even 200 Hz for dedicated competitive gaming. 

Response Time 

Response time is one of the things you won’t even notice unless you either work with blazing fast visuals and content or a competitive gamer invested in the most fast-paced first-person shooters and other competitive genres. Essentially, response time is the measure of how long it takes for individual pixels to go from black to white (or grey to grey). If that doesn’t make too much sense, we don’t blame you. Response time (usually around 1ms to 10ms in modern LCDs) is responsible for ghosting and visual artifacts that arise during intense visual experiences such as action-packed movie scenes or fast-paced gaming sessions. Unless you’re a professional gamer, response time shouldn’t be too high on your list of priorities, but it’s still important to know what kind of response time your display of choice is packing. 

VRR Technology or Adaptive Sync 

One of the latest technologies to hit graphical displays is VRR or variable refresh rate technology that most consumers refer to as adaptive sync. Some monitors – especially gaming monitors – can now synchronize more effectively with certain GPUs to minimize screen tearing by setting the monitor to a refresh rate that matches the frames per second that the GPU can dole out. Monitors with adaptive sync usually come in two, mutually exclusive flavors: AMD FreeSync that’s compatible with AMD GPUs, and Nvidia G-Sync, which is compatible with Nvidia GPUs. If Adaptive-Sync is something you want in your monitor, make sure that you’re getting one that is compatible with your system’s GPU. 

Ports and Connectivity 

One of the things you’ll likely want to avoid is buying an ultrawide monitor only to find out that it doesn’t come with the ports you need to hook it up to your devices. The best ultrawide monitors in terms of connectivity ought to have at least one DisplayPort, HDMI, and DL-DVI-D port each, as well as a number of USB ports that support at least USB 2.0, but preferably 3.0 and Type-C, which are the industry standard and most commonly used ports for visual input/output and data. 


Our curated of the best ultrawide monitors tries its best to appeal to everyone in the market for an ultrawide no matter their budget. That’s why the price is something we considered heavily to ensure that, whether you’re looking for a high-end option or a budget-option, you’re getting a monitor that offers great value and the best bang for your buck. 


Our Picks for the Best Ultrawide Monitor (For Any Budget) 

Best Ultrawide Monitor: Dell Ultrasharp U3818DW 

The Dell Ultrasharp U3818DW is our pick for the best ultrawide monitor money can buy. With its monster 38-inch display, stellar design, sleek profile, and overall excellent performance and picture quality, the Dell Ultrasharp U3818DW is the ultrawide of choice, provided you can pay the price. 

The Good 

The Dell Ultrasharp U3818DW is a 4K resolution ultrawide monitor with a 38-inch diagonal. This monster of an ultrawide boasts plenty of screen real estate to up your productivity, provide unprecedented immersion in your favorite video games, and give you a truly cinematic viewing experience with a super-rich six million pixel display. If you’re looking for a monitor that can provide unparalleled visuals and enough screen space to allow you to work in the most comfortable conditions, then we think the Dell Ultrasharp U3818DW is well worth the price. 

To make things even better, the Dell Ultrasharp U3818DW features super-thin bezels that make for an almost borderless viewing experience. The OSD (on-screen display) is intuitive and user-friendly, so adjusting display options can be done hassle-free. It features an IPS panel for better viewing angles and more color-accurate picture with a wider color gamut than typical TN or VA panels. Its build quality is an utter premium, and with VESA mount compatibility, the Dell promise of quality, and a strong warranty, the Dell Ultrasharp U3818DW is the ultimate all-purpose ultrawide monitor money can buy.  


The Bad 

The Dell Ultrasharp U3818DW is about as high-end as high-end can get with a price tag that could otherwise afford you a decent budget ultrawide and still have enough change to build a decent workstation. Granted, the price tag of Dell Ultrasharp U3818DW does justice to its premium feel and excellent performance, but it’s always hard not to wish that something of this caliber was just a little bit less expensive. That said, it’s important to note that the Dell Ultrasharp U3818DW is one of the best-priced options for the features it provides, and a lot cheaper than its competitors at this size and resolution. 

This monitor also lacks any adaptive sync technology, neither AMD FreeSync nor Nvidia G-Sync, and with the 60 Hz refresh rate, it might be a deal-breaker for a lot of hardcore gamers. However, with its massive 38-inch diagonal and the highest resolution in any ultrawide monitor so far at 3840×1600 4K Ultrawide, you can’t get a crisper, clearer picture with this much screen real estate anywhere.  

The Verdict 

The Dell Ultrasharp U3818DW is pound-for-pound the best ultrawide monitor money can buy. If money is no object and you want simply the top-of-the-line display, and you’re not that interested in competitive gaming, then we see no reason not to get the Dell Ultrasharp U3818DW. 

Technical Specifications 

Size: 38-inch Diagonal
Resolution:  3840×1600 4K Ultrawide
Refresh Rate:  60 Hz
Response Time: 5ms
Adaptive Sync: None
Port Selection: 1 x DisplayPort 1.2, 2 x HDMI 2.0, 2 x USB 3.0 Upstream, 4 x USB 3.0 Downstream, 1 x USB Type-C.
Price: $1,100 MSRP 


Best High-End for Gaming: HP Omen X 35 

HP’s Omen line of gaming systems has been making waves as one of the top-contending gaming brands around, and with the release of the HP Omen X 35 ultrawide curved gaming monitor, things just got a whole lot better. 

The Good 

The curved HP Omen X 35 is a gaming monitor through and through and provides all of the necessary specifications for hardcore gamers who play everything from immersive AAA titles to competitive online games in the professional e-sports scene. It caters to all kinds of gamers, but the performance of this monitor can just as easily translate into a more productive workstation or a cinematic media device, 

The HP Omen X 35 comes with an outstanding Ultrawide QHD resolution at 3440×1440 or 1440p in a 35-inch display to provide some of the most detailed visual experiences ever. It boasts an impressive refresh rate of 100Hz, which means gaming on the HP Omen X 35 is smooth and stutter-free, and with the integrated Nvidia G-Sync variable refresh rate, users can enjoy tear-free visuals powered by their Nvidia GPUs. 

The curved display on the HP Omen X 35 boosts immersion even more for a photo-realistic experience, and with its virtually non-existent bezels, this monitor is as close as you can get to a truly borderless visual experience. It’s very heavy and sturdily built, featuring high-quality materials and a premium build, so you can rest assured that the money you invest into this ultrawide monitor was well spent. 

The design is a point of personal preference, but we’re sure anyone can get behind the HP Omen X 35’s stunningly sleek visuals, with ambient lighting that sets the mood for a serious but thoroughly enjoyable gaming session. This monitor screams top-of-the-line, and to us, it’s the best high-end gaming monitor out there. 


The Bad 

The HP Omen X 35 is a little too simple for its price tag, with the competition offering more features for less. That said, most people plug and play their monitors, rarely adjusting display options, and even when they do, it’s never really a memorable experience. A lot of competitors to the HP Omen X 35 do better regarding user-friendliness and market-specific features for better prices, but we can’t deny that for gamers, none can offer as much performance as this ultrawide monitor.  

The Verdict 

The HP Omen X 35 is also the most expensive product on our list with its $1,300 MSRP, but for the premium feel that it provides with its stunning display, high resolution, massive screen size, and sleek, immersive curve, we think the HP Omen X 35 is a premium product that we’re willing to save up for. 

Technical Specifications 

Size: 35-inch Diagonal
Resolution: 3440×1440 Ultrawide QHD
Refresh Rate: 100 Hz
Response Time: 4ms Adaptive-Sync: Nvidia G-Sync
Port Selection: 1 x DisplayPort 1.2, 1 x HDMI 1.4, 3 x USB 3.0
Price: $1,299 MSRP 


Best High-End for Professionals: Samsung CF791 

For professionals looking for an ultrawide monitor that won’t add as much of a gamer vibe to their setups and workstations, we’ve determined the best high-end ultrawide monitor for professionals: the Samsung CF791.  

The Good 

The Samsung CF791 is the ultimate workstation ultrawide, featuring one of the best-looking designs we’ve ever seen. This monitor comes in a sleek silver finish that accentuates its elegance, and will be a proud addition to your monitor setup as the perfect centerpiece to any workstation. 

But we didn’t fall in love with the Samsung CF791 just because it looks nice – which it does. The Samsung CF791 is one of the best ultrawide monitors we’ve ever had the pleasure of evaluating because of its sheer luxury and premium feel. The 34-inch display is bright and visually stunning with Ultrawide QHD resolution at 3440×1440 (1440p). It boasts an above-average curve that provides a much more immersive and futuristic feel. 

Build quality on the Samsung CF791 is superb, with very narrow bezels allowing for a seamless visual experience and plenty of sturdiness and durability to its feel. The round base may seem awkward t some, but it’s very stable and well-built, and we like the design.  

The Samsung CF791 features plenty of ports for a wide range of connectivity options, plus with VESA mount compatibility, this monitor is one of the most versatile ultrawide monitors available.  


The Bad 

Apart from sub-par speakers and a design aesthetic that you either love or you hate, there’s nothing not to like about the Samsung CF791. Even its list price, which, at $1,000, might have been a deal breaker for some, but because it’s been a while since its original release date, the Samsung CF791 now retails for a supremely comfortable $700 to $800, brand-new and as sleek and stylish as ever. 

The Verdict 

The under $800 price tag for last year’s top-of-the-line ultrawide monitor is a pro that considers to the Samsung CF791’s advantage, but even at the $1000 MSRP, the Samsung CF791 is a high-end professional-level ultrawide monitor that we’d be willing to shell out for. It’s got one of the best picture qualities on ultrawide thanks to Samsung quantum dot technology, and even though doesn’t cost a thousand bucks, it looks like a million bucks.   

Technical Specifications 

Size: 34-inch Diagonal
Resolution: 3440×1440 Ultrawide QHD
Refresh Rate: 100 Hz
Response Time: 4msAdaptive-Sync: AMD FreeSync
Port Selection: 2 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x DisplayPort 1.4, 1 x USB 3.0
Price: $739 Retail ($1000 MSRP) 


Best Mid-Range for Gaming: Acer Predator Z35 

The Acer Predator Z35 offers some the best value in a mid-range gaming ultrawide monitor, providing the specs gamers need to enjoy better immersion or a much-desired competitive edge, all without breaking the bank. 

The Good 

The Acer Predator Z35 is the most gaming-oriented ultrawide monitor in this price range, featuring a bright 35-inch display powered by Acer proprietary software designed for gamers. The Acer Predator Z35 also boasts an extremely impressive 200 Hz refresh rate, so if your GPU can crank out 200 frames per second on your favorite games, get ready to experience the smoothest visual experience of your life. 

This monitor is built like a tank, so its heavy and super durable. We wouldn’t go so far as to call it premium, but regarding reliability and longevity, users can expect the Acer Predator Z35 to cater to their needs for years to come.  

Originally, the Acer Predator Z35 came with a rather unattractive $1000 price tag, but now you can get it a much more reasonable price, making it one of the best ultrawide monitors for gaming regarding sheer price-to-performance ratio. 


The Bad 

This behemoth of a monitor is massive – and we mean MASSIVE. It takes up a lot of space with its super wide wingspan – a side effect of it having thicker bezels than the industry average – and the wide base, although very stable, is going to take up a lot of desk space. Despite its size, the Acer Predator Z35 only comes in ultrawide FHD resolution at 2560×1080, meaning you won’t get super crisp images, but with 200 Hz refresh, you’ll get smoother visuals than anything else in this price range. 

Another downside to the Acer Predator Z35 is the lack of ergonomics. It doesn’t have a lot of adjustment options, but since it’s a VA panel, you’re still getting wider viewing angles than regular TN, but not as good as IPS. 

The Verdict 

At around $700 depending on where you buy, the Acer Predator Z35 is built like a tank and is designed to provide one of the best competitive gaming experiences on an ultrawide monitor with a super-fast refresh rate and response time. If you’re okay with slightly lower pixel density, then you can’t get that much more value in an ultrawide gaming monitor at this price range. 

Technical Specifications 

Size: 35-inch Diagonal
Resolution: 2560×1080 Ultrawide FHD
Refresh Rate: 200 Hz
Response Time: 4ms Adaptive-Sync: Nvidia G-Sync
Port Selection: DisplayPort, HDMI, USB 3.0
Price: $682 on Amazon ($999 MSRP) 


Best Mid-Range for Professionals: Dell U3415W 

This mid-range ultrawide monitor is our top pick for professionals looking for the best-value option in an ultrawide monitor. The Dell U3415W offers great performance, excellent picture quality, and a subtle yet sleek aesthetic that’ll go well with any professional workstation – all without breaking the bank. 

The Good 

The 34-inch display on the Dell U3415W is a comfortable screen size that provides a great level of immersion as well as enough added screen real estate to help users power through their tasks with increased productivity. It comes with 3440×1440 Ultrawide QHD resolution for clearer picture quality and overall higher pixel density to provide superb imaging in great detail. The display is on an IPS panel which features better viewing angles and all-around better colors.  

Where the Dell U3415W truly shines, however, is its super accurate colors and wide color gamut, capable of producing 100% of the colors in the sRGB spectrum. It may not sound all that important to most users, but while the Dell U3415W does cater to most needs, it specifically targets professionals who work with graphics and video content. The Dell U3415W provides users with the means to perform 100% color accurate graphics work to make for a true professional ultrawide monitor that earns its place on the desktops of the best graphics artists, designers, content creators, and more. It features best-in-class contrast ratios for some of the brightest whites and deepest blacks available in this price range and beyond, so even movies and video games look a lot better on this 34-inch ultrawide. 

It’s built surprisingly well and features excellent ergonomics for a total premium build that supports VESA mounting in addition to a wide range of adjustment options. It offers a wide range of I/O options, including the standard HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort, but with the welcome addition of Mini DisplayPort, a DisplayPort Output for multiple daisy-chaining monitors, MHL for mobile devices, and four high-speed USB 3.0 ports. 

The Bad 

Some users have reported backlight bleed in the Dell U3415W, but the degree of the bleed is rather insignificant and noticeable only to the well-trained eye. Apart from that slight design overlook, the Dell U3415W is also one of the more-expensive mid-range options with an original price of $1,300, but with the advent of ultrawide monitors happening now, users can purchase this monitor at retail prices of almost half of that, averaging out at around $600 to $700, similar to the mid-range gaming ultrawide Acer Predator Z35. 

The Verdict 

The Dell U3415W is a testament to Dell’s commitment to delivering high-quality monitors. This ultrawide monitor features stellar picture quality at 1440p and one of the most color-accurate displays in an ultrawide monitor in any price range. For professional graphics work or simply an amazingly color-accurate visual experience, the Dell U3415W is the mid-range ultrawide monitor of choice. 

Technical Specifications 

Size: 34-inch Diagonal
Resolution: 3440×1440 Ultrawide QHD
Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
Response Time: 5ms Adaptive-Sync: None
Port Selection: Mini DisplayPort, DisplayPort, DisplayPort Out, HDMI 2.0, MHL, 4 x USB 3.0
Price: $600 


Best Budget Ultrawide: LG 29UM68-P 

The smallest and cheapest ultrawide on our list, but still delivering excellent value, is the LG 29UM68-P. It’s got enough performance to cater to both gamers and professionals on a budget, and for a lot less than you’d have to shell out for other more expensive models, you still get the full ultrawide experience on this budget display. 

The Good 

The LG 29UM68-P is a 29-inch ultrawide monitor with 2560×1080 Ultrawide FHD resolution, but in the smaller 29-inch screen, 1080p is still good enough to display detailed and pixel-dense images for a robust visual experience. 

Granted, the LG 29UM68-P isn’t going to deliver ground-breaking visual experiences, but if you want a just little more immersion in your video games, a little more of a cinematic feel to your movies, and little more screen space to make your work just a little more productive, then the LG 29UM68-P delivers on all accounts. 

The main advantage of the LG 29UM68-P is its price. Most ultrawide monitors ask consumers to break the bank and empty their wallets to enjoy the ultrawide experience, but with the LG 29UM68-P, you can enjoy all of that while still staying within budget. And the best thing, really, about the LG 29UM68-P is that with its superb build quality and stylish aesthetic, nobody will ever know that it’s a budget model unless you say it out loud.  


The Bad 

The LG 29UM68-P doesn’t deliver top-of-the-line performance by any means, but everything it can do right, it does right. The things that it struggles with, the things that are beyond its capabilities, we don’t even hold against it. We look at the price tag on the LG 29UM68-P, and everything is forgiven. 

The Verdict 

If you’re in the market for a budget ultrawide that’ll give you the full ultrawide experience for under $300; then there’s no reason not to get the LG 29UM68-P. It’s a great budget option that hard not to like, and delivers one of the best value ultrawide monitors for its price tag. 

Technical Specifications 

Size: 29-inch Diagonal
Resolution: 2560×1080 Ultrawide FHD
Refresh Rate: 75 Hz
Response Time: 5 ms Adaptive-Sync: AMD FreeSync
Port Selection: 2 x HDMI 1.4, 1 x DisplayPort 1.2
Price: $299 

And that’s it for our list of the best ultrawide monitors for any budget. 

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