Starting To Develop A Mental Illness Due To Lack Of Customers? Introduce Social WiFi Hotspots

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When you have a business where you devoted your time and entire life savings on, it will be more shocking if you stay chill and not develop a mental illness if your customers’ purchases are not large enough to pay your staff. According to some experts at BetterHelp, you might start having anxiety from the beginning, especially in case your target audience did not respond as warmly as you anticipated to your products and services. Depression tends to mix with that too when the sales remain slow during the first few months. Nevertheless, panic attacks might hit after you realize that you have too many bills to pay, but you may be close to declaring bankruptcy already. Sad.  “Fear of failure can cause many headaches,” Theo Tsaousides Ph.D. says.


The thing is, brand marketing evolves as time goes by. Entrepreneurs no longer depend solely on “word of mouth” or making one of the employees stand in the streets to give out flyers or coupons to passersby. “Consumers are aware that they are targets of unrelenting marketing activity,” Peter Noel Murray Ph.D. wrote. Many restaurants, malls, and other businesses around the world attract a lot of customers not only through their outstanding services but also by equipping their establishments with free internet connectivity.

Based on research conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2015, 64 percent of the US population owns a smartphone. A smaller portion of this percentage, however, does not have continuous online access. It can be because these people do not have home broadband, mobile data, or other means to connect to the virtual world. For this reason, they dine or shop in places that provide social WiFi hotspots. This way, they can remain in touch with everything that happens online.

What Is Social WiFi Hotspot?

To quickly sum it up, social WiFi hotspots are a new way for businesses to entice customers to go in their establishment. “When a wireless access point is open to public use, it is often referred to as a hotspot,” Paul Zandbergen, PhD says. It is entirely dissimilar to the regular wireless connectivity, although the consumers will not have to pay for it. If you want to use the latter, you only need to ask staff to give you their WiFi password and start surfing the internet. There are also locations where you do not need to find out that unique code at all before logging in.

In the case of a social WiFi hotspot, your clients can access the internet for free once they sign in using their e-mail address or via their Facebook or Twitter account. Some establishments set a one-hour limit for this free connectivity for every device, while others give longer time than that. The internet typically has incredible speed as well, considering they want to keep customers within the business premises for a while. It is an intelligent manner of gaining the contact information of the customers, which you can then use later to inform them about your latest offerings.


Will Your Consumers Like It?

People like the fact that they will not have to bother a member of your crew to find out what the password is. With just an e-mail ID and a password, they can log in to the social WiFi hotspot as soon as they enter the establishment and entertain themselves while waiting for their orders. So, yes, your consumers might be over the moon after knowing that you offer this free service too.

What Other Advantages Can Businesses Get Out Of It?

Firstly, you can obtain the loyalty of your customers and transform them into regulars. You have made it easy for them to connect to the internet, you see. Their orders will potentially continue to come for as long as they need that connectivity so that they will not be required to leave the place.

It can help market your brand as well. Most consumers want to be given a head’s up regarding the new changes or freebies that you can provide. They welcome the special promotions you send to them because then they will know what to expect once they go to the establishment. The more discounts or coupon codes they also receive, the more chances you have at becoming their new favorite store.

You might get too stressed about handling the business since everything about it becomes too overwhelming. But thanks to the creation of social WiFi hotspot, your social media presence might grow because of it as well. Satisfied customers often visit the business’s fan page and leave a sweet comment on how excellent their experience has been. Once it becomes open to the public, others may show interest in trying out your services as well.


Final Thoughts

The inclusion of a social WiFi hotspot to your growing list of freebies makes it effortless for you to build rapport with your customers in and out of the business area. Remember: it is hard not to love an establishment that gives folks a chance to send e-mails or post selfies on Instagram without using up their mobile data. Hence, turn your free WiFi hotspot into a social WiFi hotspot now and watch it help your business flourish. You can do it as long as you have the drive and positivity.


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