Technology And Family Relationship – How Can Too Much Smartphone Usage Affect Both?

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Are you one of those individuals who find themselves continually being in the loop of social media? Are you powerfully attached to your mobile devices that you become dependent on it? Have you regarded yourself as someone who spends too much time with her phone in a day? Are you one of the people who think they could not live without a smartphone? If you answer “yes” to all of these subjects, then perhaps you would be interested to know more about the damage of too much technology in family communication and relationship. Allow me to tell you more about it.


Creates Confusions On Emotional Response

Humanity’s use of mobile devices is on the rise. Frankly, it creates a massive change in the way people communicate. With easy access to communication apps, messaging becomes way too convenient – convenient enough for people to say whatever they want regardless of how their words might affect the other person. When you think about it, chatting, instant messaging, or texting can relay messages differently. Sometimes, words typed in did not go through internalization. Meaning, some individuals send a message without thinking about the possibility of their typed words being misinterpreted. As a result, there becomes a buildup of confusion on emotional response.

Impacts Face-To-Face Interaction

Since it is easy to relay a message through technology, face-to-face interaction is somehow out of date nowadays. Well, there might be some individuals who would be willing to spend much time and effort seeing someone in person. But with technology, why would anyone bother? Of course, not unless people entirely have to meet them personally. But if it is not much of an urgent matter, most individuals prefer a call or text these days. Admittedly, it is more convenient and less of a hassle to do. However, it affects relationships because it somehow ruins the idea of personal or physical contact. It is like trying to feel at ease with someone being there when they are not entirely.


Increases False Impression Of Presence

Mobile technology may be a lifesaver for most individuals, but for some, it increases the false impression of someone’s presence. Any person who values relationships such as friendship, family, colleagues, or romantic ones has issues with wanting a real person to be around. Somehow, mobile devices create an unwanted shortcut for that. There are instances that even if individuals get the assurance of staying connected with other people digitally, there is still this longing for physical connection. Yes, mobile devices can promise constant communication wherever and whenever people need it. But in reality, nothing beats the actual presence of someone who is more than willing to share a hand-in-hand moment with you.

Unrealistic Social Media Connection

It is pretty much evident that not all people connected with social media are friends in real life. But that is not limited to two or more individuals who do not know each other personally. The thing is, even friends and family members can experience an unrealistic social media connection. That is because they can portray a happy relationship in social media platforms that only tries to lure people despite being in a not-so-healthy connection. But do not get it wrong. Social media is a great help for starting a relationship. However, social media can create a problem for those who already have a constant people around their lives. That is because sometimes there are people who would instead choose virtual connections than real-life interactions.


Increases Inability To Communicate Personally

Smartphones increase people’s inability to communicate personally. That is a fact. Almost all individuals who find themselves confident chatting and texting with someone online end up being socially aloof in person. Well, not all of them, of course. But the majority of individuals who are comfortable in typing are often shy in real life. Perhaps that is because these individuals find it more convenient and easy to communicate with people they do not see physically. But those instances are not limited to strangers only. Sometimes, some people also find it hard to communicate with friends and family in person that they would rather interact with them through digital means.

Promotes Unhealthy Decisions

For quite some time, there is a lot of information that can tell people how damaging it is for something, especially when it is too much. The same goes for smartphone usage. When people get hooked up with their phones for quite an extended period, they tend to ignore important things. In some unfortunate instances, these people begin to ignore other people’s worth that even if they experience a mental or emotional breakdown, they will prefer to stick with their mobile devices than reach out. It becomes quite alarming because instead of seeking professional help, some assume that things will be okay as long as they have their smartphones with them.


Honestly, there is nothing wrong with using technology. However, if too much of it can cause an issue, it would be best to take some time off. Learn more about the damage of technology on some articles of You can also find some interesting posts related to the technological impact on their Facebook page. Find time to know more about digital impacts.


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