Are Customer Service Agents The New Counselors? 

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It feels like everybody needs counseling these days. We carried ourselves throughout the pandemic in isolation, with screen time being the only social bonding activity we had. Life has been nothing but work and no play, so it’s natural to feel stressed and burnt out. These days, it takes a lot of emotional energy to respond to someone’s text. However, it is also important to connect with your friends and loved ones while maintaining social distance. How can we develop a more resilient and empathetic attitude towards others? 


You Can’t Always Vent To Your Friends And Family 

Let’s face it. Hearing other people’s problems over and over again can weigh you down. That’s why many people opt for an unbiased person to talk with and even relate to. Many people find it easy to open up about their problems when it’s a stranger. In many instances, customer service agents bear the emotional impact of customer complaints before reaching any higher-ups. Counseling is much like customer service in a way that it involves a transactional relationship.

Counseling is a guided step towards making conscious individual choices to find a solution to your problems. For a counseling session to be good for you, you will need someone who has a genuine commitment to listening to others and is okay with them unloading their emotional burden. 


Looking At The Customer Service Industry 

Have you ever contacted a customer service agent for your concerns? We should always be mindful of how we treat customer service agents. We should treat them with extra kindness. Being patient and resilient is a part of their role in rendering human connections for the company or entity they represent.

A client might reach out to a customer service agent for a variety of reasons. One possibility is that the business’s product or service did not meet their expectations. While the product works, it may also be that it wasn’t the function that the client desired. In either case, it is the customer service sector that will respond. Their role is indispensable in providing customer satisfaction.  

Good customer service can bring positive reviews and overall a better user experience for the customer. In contrast, bad customer service gives unhappy customers and can lead to a bad rep. Social media is rapid nowadays: a single bad review will easily taint a track record of good service. 

The Skills Of A Highly Effective Counselor 

What people truly want is someone who listens to them. It all boils down to one simple explanation: a genuine human desire to be acknowledged and validated for their struggles. 


To be a good listener, you need to demonstrate good communication skills as well. This involves using positive language and reassurance to know what to expect from this transactional service. Being able to listen and respond well assures other people that they are genuinely understood. 

Demonstrating Patience And Empathy 

Be it with a friend or a stranger, it’s important to show that you are empathetic to their concerns and are willing to be patient with them no matter how frustrating it might be. Cultivating a real connection with another person is important for you to be able to assess their concerns. You want the other person to be able to move on from their problem rather than focus all their emotional energy on frustration. It takes two to tango! 

Many people find it easier to open up to unbiased strangers. Is it good for customer service agents to be emotionally punching bags to their clients? Of course, it isn’t. They’re also real people, and they are only doing their jobs to make both ends meet. So always remember to express kindness. Remember that they are similarly kind to us while we express our problems.

Customer service is similar to a transactional therapy session. This is not me trying to convince you to make any customer service agent your venting buddy or emotional punching bag. However, the takeaway here is that we can all learn a thing or two about empathy and resiliency from these people. 


It might be easier to talk about struggles anonymously with counseling, setting a boundary between you and your counselor. This is why it’s wrong to make your friends, your partner, or any non-professional act as your therapist. It can lead to emotional fatigue, and they should not bear this responsibility in the first place. It is better to seek professional help if you are dealing with serious concerns.

A counselor will analyze your behavior and thought patterns to determine what your problem is. This takes time and effort, which is why sessions come with a hefty price tag, even if it’s just for an hour of their time. 

You might be feeling overwhelmed and that nobody understands you. Professional counselors are here to help you gain a better understanding of your mental health. Counseling can greatly help you improve your quality of life in ways that you don’t realize. 

Healing Starts With The Self 

Combining tips from counseling and customer service can help you improve your experience and demonstrate patience and empathy. Begin with yourself and your loved ones. It takes a lot of emotional intelligence to be there and listen to someone else’s struggles. This is why people in these industries are so indispensable to our overall satisfaction in life. 

Seek counseling if you need it! Your plan of action to free yourself from stress is to self-reflect on your strengths. Extend the same empathy to these people, much like how counselors extend it to you and other clients as well. With this in mind, treat yourself nicer once in a while. You never know when you need a mental health break, especially during times like these, so let’s do our best to cope with our own struggles and be responsible for our emotional well-being.

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