Main differences between help desk and service desk software

Recently, the differences between help desk and service desk become a very critical part in ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). With the service conscious becoming essential in contemporary's global marketing, the definitions of both help desk and service desk have to distinguish. Before 2007, ITIL association defined the service desk is one part of the help desk to give the customer the supports and solutions no matter internally or externally. However, after 2007, the situation was totally changed that the help desk is one aspect in service desk, and the entire service related solutions were all contained in the service desk. Service desk, just like the solution encyclopedia, are helping people to solve the problems in the marketing procedure.

But what are the main differences between help desk and service desk, in the other words, what are the main different functions between help desk and service desk software?

Help desk software

Help desk software is the tool to tackle the problem internally and externally. In internal solutions, help desk software serves the IT Company to handle the ticket issues. Once one apparatus of the company has the trouble, the operator of the apparatus can submit a ticket to help desk software to describe the details of the trouble and try to find out something that can help, which means that the help desk software is one tool like the help center. Furthermore, not only the ticket help section, but also this software can be seen as the internal equipment monitor, such as the computer hardware maintenance, software install and update issues, remote control and networking environment monitor.

For the external solutions, help desk as the ticket submit system can work with the website perfectly. People who visit your site can submit the ticket to find the problem's answer, and they may give their suggestions and comments to the software which can help the site develop. The help desk software can be considered as the essential business software in the future e-commerce marketing.

Service Desk software

Why after 2007, the ITIL organization puts the help desk as the sub category of the service desk?As said above, the globalization propels the e-commerce marketing to a totally new area. At present, service becomes one indispensable part within the whole marketing process. All the companies promise or guarantee service before dealing, but how to accomplish the goal?

Service desk software can help

There are five strategy levels in service desk:

  • Service strategy- We all give our customer our guarantee that we will do the after-sell service without any limitation. But the accomplishing procedure is tough and can always be ignored and even misunderstanding. Using service desk as the service strategy can resolve the problem smoothly.

  • Proceeding design- In order to come across the obstacles on the way to service, we need to design the way to achieve the promise before dealing. So the service desk can have the suggestions.

  • Service transport- The help desk function is aiming at giving the people answers.

  • Service marketing- During the service way, your staffs can provide your customers the business and service philosophy to explore another way to promote.

  • Continual service- Service desk can be designed as another CMS to collect and maintain the relationship between your customer and your company to make the continual service available.

In conclusion, the biggest and most obvious difference between help desk and service desk is the conception. Help desk software is one method or one tool to combat the problems; while service desk software is not only the tool, but also the future service continuity, one service section with high intelligence.

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