What is help desk software

Help desk is an information and assistance resource that troubleshoots problems with computers or similar products, this is the definition for Help Desk from Wikipedia. While for a company, a help desk software should be a place where customers can call to get help with problems.


The concept of Helpdesk originated from Traditional Service, Customers were able to find all services from Hotel Front desk. The Front desk was in fact a Help desk. Help desk was first used in IT equipment-intensive industries, customers were informed to find Help desk to solve the problem when hardware device is faulty, this was so-called IT equipment operation and maintenance center. The software used to make works more efficient is a "Help desk Software". Later, this software was popular in Public services, And now, Help Desk is used by more and more companies to provide a means to solve customers' problems as soon as possible.


A helpdesk software, in a short, is a system where customers can submit their troubles/issues, a department within a company then solves the troubles and responds to customer's questions. Questions and responses can be delivered via both web ticket support software or email.


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