Why Help Desk

A Help Desk is necessary for a company because it has such advantages. For customers, it is the most efficient means to call for help from a related department; for staff, a Help Desk shall structure a specific workflow to avoid wasteful duplication of effort; for manager, administrator is able to generate meaningful reports that can highlight performance bottlenecks, recurring client issues, and outstanding service; for a company, a help desk may deliver the most excellent customer service.


Multi-department collaboration functionality applied in a help desk system, then customer's issue tickets will be assigned to staff in accordance to departments, which guarantee accurate and timely service. Generated reports may reveal the most frequently asked questions, then a Knowledgebase article/Canned response could be created to automatically answer such questions. Generated reports may also tell who was the most efficient staff is within a month/year.


To solve customers' problem accurately and timely should be one of the most highlighted features of Help Desk. To prioritize support queries to deliver excellent customer service and structure efficient workflow for staff should be the main reasons for using a help desk.


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