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iKode Helpdesk X is an Easy-to-Install Web-based Help desk software. Here you can download an Online-installer, which is a smart application for your online installation. Or download Full Installation Package directly.


The first way: Download Online-Installer application (3KB, Recommended)

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This smart application can check automatically whether your installation environment is appropriate for our software or not. Then automatically download the installation file from iKode Server and install it into your server.

How to install with the quick installation guide?

The second way: Download Full Installation Package

HelpDesk X 4.0 for PHP 5.1.x or PHP 5.2.x

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HelpDesk X 4.0 for PHP 5.3.x or higher

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The unzipped files need to be uploaded with your FTP program set to binary mode, not ASCII or text mode. You may need to manually override your FTP program’s settings while uploading to do this.

Take cPanel as the example, see how to set the cron jobs when you finish the installation. This is essential for the server to send the notification emails automatically.


System Requirements:

1)  PHP 5.1.x or higher
2)  MySQL 4.x or higher
3)  Zend Optimizer (or Zend Guard Loader, PHP 5.3.x) Zend Optimizer must be installed (download page)




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