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Knowledgebase of iKode Help Desk

iKode New Information & Technology Co.,Ltd.


How to submit a ticket?

As the customer to visit your site, if they want to search or submit a ticket to you, they can access the front-end of our software to finish the submitting section. There are three main buttons on the page with a search tool. Click "Submit a ticket" and fill up all required blanks and then click "Submit" to finish. Additionally, you can also submit the ticket with attachment.

How to see your submitted ticket?

When you finish the submitting section, the system will give you a user ID and a key to check the former ticket. The user ID and the key will also be sent to you as the email content. You can keep the email in your email in-box to check the ticket status always.

How to see your all submitted tickets?

Our system is aiming on the customer relationship management. All the tickets from the same email address can be collected by the software. When the submitters enter one user ID and key, they may see their former tickets at once.

How to search the knowledge base?

When your customer first enters in the system, firstly, they may want to search the answer by themselves. So the knowledge base should be elaborate. The content and the categories can be added from the back-end. We will introduce later.

What can we see in knowledge base?

In knowledge base, customers can read the articles related what they want to search. Furthermore, they can also rate this article to show everyone whether this article is useful or not.


What do all the ticket statuses mean?

There are five ticket statuses contained in our system, new, open, resolve, reopen, closed. New means the ticket is unassigned or is ready waiting to be assigned; open means the ticket has been assigned to one specified staff; resolve means this ticket has been replied by the staff; reopen means the submitter add the further question to the staff; closed means the customers find the satisfied answer and close the ticket with the rate.

How to deal with the ticket?

We have strict ticket assignment logic to make sure any ticket won't be ignored in any time. When one ticket has submitted, the ticket status is "New". Then this ticket will be assigned by the system which is totally obeyed by the assignment logic. Then one staff will get the ticket to give the solution to the submitter. After that, the submitter will receive an email with the reply content. If the submitter is not satisfied with your reply, he or she will reply you directly via email or if the submitter is satisfied with your answer, he or she will close the ticket with a score.

Who have the permission to close the tickets?

The administrator, the submitter and the technology staff who have the permission to configure and modify the database.

What does Ticket auto response mean in the Ticket setting?

Marked "Yes", the system will send an email automatically to the submitter when the ticket is opened. Marked "No", the system will not send an email automatically and then if the ticket is resolved, the system will send an email notification again to inform the submitter.


How should I do when I first enter the back-end?

When you enter the system at your first time, primarily, you need to configure your profile and some settings related to the department and your staffs. Contained in the department, you should add your email information in, such as the pop3, SMTP, email account and password and so on. Only when you set the department up, can you receive the ticket and resolve the ticket.

How many departments can I create?

Numerous! You can create the departments as you like. How many departments contained in your company, and how many department you can create. Each department should have one separate email account to manage.

How do I know whether my SMTP account has been set successfully or not?

In our system, when you have filled all blanks to set your SMTP server, click "Test account" and then the system will start the self-inspect section.

How many staffs can be contained in the department?

Numerous! Just like the department, you can add staffs as you like. There are three types of permissions in the back-end of the software, administrator, group manager and staff. Every department should have at least one group manager.

Can I add the staff to multiple departments?

Yes, if this staff has versatile ability to handle all types of the ticket, you can add the user to any existed department.

What does the working week and working hour mean?

For example, if you set the working week from Mon. to Fri. with working hour from 8:00 to 17:30 in your department, the ticket which is submitted to your department will not be assigned to the department instead of other department if existed or the administrator.

How do I know whether our staffs are online or not?

In each staff's profile, we allow staffs to upload the avatar in the system. As the administrator, you can see that if the avatar is lighten, they staff is online.

What are the differences among Administrator, Group manager and staffs?

The main difference is the permission. As we know, the administrators have the permission to see and check all tickets in the system, and also they can create the users and departments. The administrators can even be the last line of the whole tickets solving section. Group manager can manage the tickets contained in his department. He is the leader of the group. What's more, the staffs can work with the tickets which have been assigned to them with the specified permission.

How to set your CRON JOBS?

There are three kinds of CRON JOBS contained in iKode Help Desk, and they are Email Delivery, Ticket Assign and Email Retrieve. Email delivery CRON JOB can help you to send your emails without login. Ticket Assign CRON JOB can help you to assign and reassign the ticket without login. Email Retrieve can help you to receive the emails without login. You may set these three CRON JOBS with:
*/2 * * * * wget -O - -q -t 1 http://yourdomain.com/installation-folder/index.php?c=emailDelivery
*/2 * * * * wget -O - -q -t 1 http://yourdomain.com/installation-folder/index.php?c=ticketAssign
*/2 * * * * wget -O - -q -t 1 http://yourdomain.com/installation-folder/index.php?c=emailRetrieve
Don't know how to add the cron jobs?
See http://www.hosting.com/support/plesk/crontab or http://docs.cpanel.net/twiki/bin/view/AllDocumentation/CpanelDocs/CronJobs.


What does customer form field mean?

When you want to know more information about your customer, you can add some personality questions and items on your customer submitting form. All types of the form fields can be found here, such as text box, check box, radio button, text area, list box, hidden field and so on. The customer form field can be appeared in two place, one is when the customer submit the ticket in front-end, the other is the administrator and the staffs add the new customers.

If the customer has submitted a ticket before, does this customer need to fill the information again?

Nope. At the first time, if one customer submitted a ticket, he or she needed to fill some information such as the name, company information and contact details. In the next time, if the customer submitted the ticket again, only he or she need is to fill the email address.

What does customer area mean?

If the customer comes from one special area on the planet, as the international marketer, you should exactly know where they are from, what the time zone they are in and what kinds of culture they have.

What items contained in the ticket setting?

In ticket setting, you can set some assignment rules, such as the auto close days and Maximum idle/non-response time to avoid the ticket missing. Additionally, the submitting attachment, attachment maximum size and maximum number of attachments per message can also be set here.

How does your system deal with the CRM system?

You can add the new submitter with the true information to commence the service marketing. Furthermore, all the tickets which are submitted by the submitter can also be shown in our CRM system. This can let you know what the submitter needs.

How do I export my customers’ information?

When you want to export the customer list from the system, you just need to click "Export Customers" and fill some special ranges of the customers to find the customers with specified characters. Then click "Download" to save as .csv file.


What does canned mean?

It is the quick response. You can add some frequency ask questions as the canned to reply the ticket quickly.

What does auto response mean?

Something like that: when customers submit a ticket, the system will send them a notification with ID and key automatically; when staff reply the ticket, the system will send them a notification with the reply content automatically. So the auto response can enable your system to send the email to inform you the tickets' real time status.

How to submit a ticket quickly?

Our team always think about the user's operating. If you want to set your every page as the entrance of submitting the ticket, you can copy the code as the button appearance just like the "contact us" on every space of your site. The all button can be connected to the back end of iKode Help Desk X.

Inserting the code below before </head>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://yourdomain.com/media/fancybox/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.css" media="screen" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.0/jquery.min.js" ></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://yourdomain.com/media/fancybox/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://yourdomain.com/media/js/front-lite.js"></script>

And then inserting the code below in any part of your site.
<a href="http://yourdomain.com/index.php?c=frontTicket&m=sign&display=lite" target="_blank" class="popupwin">Submit Ticket</a>

You can also see the demo from http://www.phphelpdesk.org/test.html. You can set the button style as your will to coordinate to the design of your site.

Can I maintain the database and back up the data?

Yes. In our system, you can download the data and repair the data with our sophisticated database tools.


Can I know the information about when the staffs log in?

Yes. In our system, we can record the log in information. Only does the administrator have the permission to download the log in records.

Can I know other thing about the logs?

Yes. There are the other four items in logs, the email delivery, email signed, article view times and article vote. Here you will be informed the all security related data.

How to set the categories in the knowledge base?

You can create the categories with sub-categories in our system to classify the types of articles. Then choose the articles in your category to show to your customers.


How to create the articles in the system?

Click "Article" tag and choose "Create an article". Then choose which category you want to add. The article can contain pictures and HTML code, which can give your customer a very brief vision.

How do I know what the key words my customers have searched?

In the front-end of the software, people can search the key words to get the answers from your knowledge base. The system will record the key words in the back-end in “Hot key” of “Articles” tag. This can help you to change the key words in your articles to help your customer to search more exactly.

How many categories can I create? Can I create sub categories of the parent categories?

You can create numerous categories within the software. Every categories can have numerous sub categories to contain the articles.


What kinds of reports does your system can provide?

Right now, our system can provide you the solved/unsolved tickets report to give you a brief view about the elaborate status of your software. In the future, we will also develop the rating report, the grading report and the incoming customers report.


How do I activate the software?

When you purchase the software edition corresponded, we will send you a serial number, which can help you to activate the software in the back-end. The activity area is contained in “Settings” tag.

Can I remove all your information from your software?

No, you couldn't. In the software, you can change the login interface, your company logo, and some other things not related to the license. However, you must keep our copyright on the bottom of the software, or we will terminate the license.

Why the letters cannot be received in my system?

There are three factors can contribute the problem. You may check the following tutorials to get some brief and possible advices.

1, If you are using the unactivated edition, you need to modify the parameters for the default department. (Settings=>Department=>Edit ) 
Notice: The free version can only allow the user to create one department. 

2, Please check the POP3 and SMTP server in the software. Our software can help you to test the information of the server. 

3, Please check whether you have added your Cron Jobs in your server. If the Cron job is failed, it is impossible to send and receive the letters.

How should we do if the Captcha cannot be seen?

Firstly, you need to check whether your server has been integrated the GD library or not. This is essential for the Captcha.

If you cannot login the back-end of the software without the Captcha, please modify the database to cease the Captcha function with the following tutorial:

Please run SQL the below with MySQL manager tool (e.g. phpmyadmin, mysql-front etc) and disable this feature first.
UPDATE `is_setting` SET `use_captcha`=0 WHERE `id`=1; 

How to translate the software by yourself?

The default language in our software is English, and we also have Chinese, French, German and Bulgarian. If your language is not contained in the above languages, please don't worry. You just need to follow the following steps to customize your own language.

Notice: You must not change anything in the database. The most important thing is the key of the email templates from the autoresponse. This cannot be translated. If the key is changed, the system will not send anything to your customer.